Summary of Consistory Meeting on April 12, 2022

The meeting began with Devotions.
Secretary minutes approved
Benevolent report and Treasurer reports given.
Rev. Jim’s contract was to expire April 30. It was renewed.
 Staff and Ministry Team reports:
Rev. Jim – Discussed the protocol for adults working with children and the safety factors.
A Thank You was expressed to all who participated in the Wednesday Lenten services. They were well received and joyful to attend. Rev Jim and Allen Utecht will represent St Peters at the WI Conference in June.
     Abundance – Cards will be put out for members to sign for members hospitalized.
     Building & Grounds – An anonymous donation of $1000 was given to cover the remaining cost of replacing the boiler. Sunday, April 24th will be Blue Jean Sunday. Casual work clothes can be worn to church. Immediately following the worship service, everyone is invited to help with paver removal from the courtyard.  May 7 is Spring Cleaning at the church. It will begin at 8:30am. Piano recitals will take place in the church on May 14. A new Building Use Agreement was reviewed and approved. It included Child Safety Protocols.
     Christian Education/Scholarship – No Sunday School on Easter Sunday. An Easter Egg Hunt will follow the 9:00 service. They would like to purchase a large screen, smart tv to mount in the basement for use during Sunday School.
The other ministry teams had nothing to report.
A sign-up board will soon be in the lounge for Picnic in the Park to be held, June 29. Food donations and workers will be needed. German potato salad will be served that day.
Association delegates will be Rev. Jim, Allen Utecht, and Sue Balz Verzal.
St. Peters will be included in the Thrivent Choice Program to receive donations.
Daphne Achter requested to sell blue and gold ribbons in church with proceeds to help Ukraine.
The Cherry Tree garage sale will be May 20 and 21 in the church basement.
The next Consistory meeting is May 11, 2022 at 6:30pm.
The meeting was adjourned and ended with the Lord’s Prayer.
The Consistory at their March meeting decided to eliminate the "Mask Only Area" of the sanctuary.  If you have a question please contact a Consistory Member.

2022 Consistory

Sue Balz Verzal
Larry DeSmidt (Vice President)
Fitz Fitzpatrick
Carrie Guell
Barb Henry
Pam Klotz
Judy Meiselwitz
Jodie Odekirk
Marian Schneider
Allan Utecht (President)
Tammie Vollrath-Boll
Dianne Vorpahl (Secretary)


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On days when our Worship service is cancelled, we still offer a live virtual Worship event.  You may access the service on Facebook or by clicking the YouTube link on our website.

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We are LOVEGod's love. The love of Jesus Christ. The love of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
We aim to project God's loving kingdom to each other in our faith community.
But, we are also CHALLENGED by Christ to extend that love to all.
We are challenged to serve all!

We invite you to become part of the unique and welcoming experience
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The Rays of Hope Center

The Rays of Hope Center (ROHC) was officially "christened" in April of 2006 as the newest addition to St. Peter's United Church of Christ ministries. The one-time gas station and video store was purchased by St. Peter's in late 2005 after selling the church's parsonage. In it's naming, St. Peter's members honored their beloved, tenured pastor of 14 years, Ray Coombs. Rev. Coombs ministered faithfully, seeing to it that St. Peter's UCC be the "community's church." Under the care of St. Peter's Consistory and members, the ROHC seeks to sustain that community faithfulness by providing the community space as needed.

Currently the Rays of Hope Center houses the Kiel Area Community Food Pantry.