Upcoming Events

Nov. 18- Thanksgiving Sunday

Nov. 21- Ecumenical Thanksgiving Worship at Bethel Methodist Church 7:00 pm

Dec. 2- Advent Sunday with Communion

Dec. 9- Christmas Music Program 4:00 pm

Dec. 23- Youth Christmas Program 9:30 am worship only

Dec. 24- Christmas Eve Candlelight worship with Communion 4:30 pm and 11:00 pm (2 different services)

Dec. 25- Christmas Day Guitar Worship with Communion 9:30 am worship only

Jan. 6- Epiphany Sunday with Communion

Jan. 13- Baptism of Christ

Jan. 20- Martin Luther King, Junior Sunday

Jan. 27- Annual Congregational Meeting 9:30 worship only

Feb. 3- Installation of Consistory with Communion 9:30 am worship only

Mar. 6- Ash Wednesday with Communion 7:00 pm


We are LOVEGod's love. The love of Jesus Christ. The love of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
We aim to project God's loving kingdom to each other in our faith community.
But, we are also CHALLENGED by Christ to extend that love to all.
We are challenged to serve all!

We invite you to become part of the unique and welcoming experience
that is the faith community known as St. Peter's United Church of Christ.

Come to love and be loved. Come to serve.

Watch our Mother's Day Youth Service on line!

Check out our wonderful Youth Sunday service, featuring the young people of St. Peter's UCC leading worship.
Watch our Mother's Day Youth Service on line!

The Rays of Hope Center

The Rays of Hope Center (ROHC) was officially "christened" in April of 2006 as the newest addition to St. Peter's United Church of Christ ministries. The one-time gas station and video store was purchased by St. Peter's in late 2005 after selling the church's parsonage. In it's naming, St. Peter's members honored their beloved, tenured pastor of 14 years, Ray Coombs. Rev. Coombs ministered faithfully, seeing to it that St. Peter's UCC be the "community's church." Under the care of St. Peter's Consistory and members, the ROHC seeks to sustain that community faithfulness by providing the community space as needed.

Currently the Rays of Hope Center houses the Kiel Area Food Pantry, with room left over for classes, meetings, support groups, and community events.