Annual Report and Virtual Voting Instructions


Summary of Consistory Meeting on February 9, 2021

The meeting began with Devotions, Secretary minutes and Treasurer’s reports. All were approved.
Staff and Ministry Team reports were given.
Building & Grounds – The elevator passed it’s state inspection. Building & grounds committee members will resume their monthly meeting and address maintenance issues around the church. Specs will be put together to source bids for the sidewalk repairs around church.
Audit – Terry expressed thanks to the audit team for their prompt work before the annual meeting.
Christian Education/Scholarship - Cookies & Milk Sunday will be held February 14 with a virtual Zoom gathering at 6pm that night.
Endowment – Randy Olm is checking into putting the funds into an investment fund.
Human Resources – Marsha Rabe has given her notice of resignation. Her last day will be March 31.
Membership – Letters were sent to inactive members.
Music – Music Team purchased Lent, Easter &; Patriotic music for the carillon. A music library has been created for the different seasons.
The other ministry teams had nothing to report.
New Business – Comments on virtual & in church worships. Weather has created lower attendance in church and discussion was held on changing the schedule to one service. It was decided for the schedule to remain the same to avoid confusion and wait for a replacement Pastor before making changes. It was requested to resume regular communion. February 28 was added as a Communion Sunday. The elements will be shared in church and can be picked up in the church office for virtual
The next Consistory meeting is March 9, 2021 at 6:30pm in Fellowship Hall
The meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.
Consistory members learned the duties of decorating the Altar. Susan explained where everything is kept and how candles are replaced, so more are aware of what it takes to prepare the altar for services.
The Consistory then went into closed session.

St. Peter's Scholarship Application Now Available

Please click the link to fill out the scholarship application. This application must be in no later than April 15th.

Reopening St. Peter’s UCC

St. Peter’s UCC will continue to be open with virtual services until further notice.

We Recommend:
  • St. Peter’s are holding 7:30am and 9:30am services and provide viewing online.
  • Only the car port entrance is open for worship services
  • All members upon entering the church and sanctuary, should maintain at least 6’ of space between people (families).
  • All persons entering church must wear a face mask.  If you do not have a mask, we will have some available, but please reuse each Sunday. There will are gloves and hand sanitizer provided for your use each Sunday.
  • There will be a check list for everyone entering the sanctuary to verify their family’s presence each Sunday.  (This is needed if there is a possible outbreak so that all in attendance are notified and checked for COVID 19.)
  • Please put on your name tag when entering church, this will help the ushers find your name on the check list.  And please take them home each week for sanitizing.
  • Plastic was placed over the water foundation for your safety. 
  • Everyone in the sanctuary shall maintain distancing with the help of the ushers.  Please keep empty pews between families.
  • Cushions are removed from the pews, but if you need one due to back issues… please tell an usher.  
  • All children’s busy bags, books and toys are boxed and stored. 
  • There will be no acolytes at this time.
  • Worshiping will be under a “New Normal” for now. There will be no passing the peace, collection of offerings will be done by placing envelopes into the offering plates, near the sanctuary doors.
  • We will use a no-touch policy.  All hymnals, bibles, envelopes, papers and pencils are removed from the pews.  
  • If you need to cough or sneeze be sure and cover your mouth with a tissue or cough into your arm.
  • Bulletins shall be kept by each person as they exit the sanctuary, please take them home with you each Sunday.
  • There is no singing at this time due to the possible spreading of droplets through the air to other members.  The music will be provided in various forms under the direction of the music committee.
  • There will be limited communion at this time.  We will direct when we will have future communion.
  • There is no shaking of hands as your exit, instead a pleasant greeting of having a “great week” will be given.
  • We will exit from the Back of the Church First, then backing up to the Front of the Church. This way there is less contact with worshipers sitting near the aisles
  • There are NO coffee hours.  Please leave the building after service and do not mingle.  If you must talk to someone you may do so outside at your own risk.
  • All chairs in the lounge will be off limits
  • If you bring a coat, please keep it in the pew with you.  We are not using the coat racks. 
  • High risk individuals (people over 60 and those with underlying conditions). whether staff, those that worship or volunteers, should continue to shelter in place.
  • If you are not feeling well or have symptoms please stay home and seek medical attention and enjoy the virtual service.
  • If you or someone in your family contacts COVID 19, please contact the church office if you have attended worship services or been in St. Peter’s.
  • The building will be cleaned regularly and between services each week.
  • SCRIP is still available for sale during church office hours, or through Tammie Vollrath-Boll.  920-422-8265 texting is best.
  • Our main goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy!
All re-opening St. Peter's updates will be sent through media outlets and via mailings to keep everyone up to date.

Please Stay Safe,
St. Peter's UCC Safely Reopening Committee
St. Peter’s UCC Consistory

Sunday School holding virtual lessons

St. Peter's United Church of Christ will offer virtual lessons each week on its YouTube Channel. They will premiere at 8:15 Sunday mornings - our normal Sunday School time.

Here is the location for all our virtual lessons.
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We are LOVEGod's love. The love of Jesus Christ. The love of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
We aim to project God's loving kingdom to each other in our faith community.
But, we are also CHALLENGED by Christ to extend that love to all.
We are challenged to serve all!

We invite you to become part of the unique and welcoming experience
that is the faith community known as St. Peter's United Church of Christ.

Come to love and be loved. Come to serve.

The Rays of Hope Center

The Rays of Hope Center (ROHC) was officially "christened" in April of 2006 as the newest addition to St. Peter's United Church of Christ ministries. The one-time gas station and video store was purchased by St. Peter's in late 2005 after selling the church's parsonage. In it's naming, St. Peter's members honored their beloved, tenured pastor of 14 years, Ray Coombs. Rev. Coombs ministered faithfully, seeing to it that St. Peter's UCC be the "community's church." Under the care of St. Peter's Consistory and members, the ROHC seeks to sustain that community faithfulness by providing the community space as needed.

Currently the Rays of Hope Center houses the Kiel Area Community Food Pantry.