It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, depending on the weather, we need to cancel our Worship services.  Check out the list below to get up to date information.

WBAY, Green Bay, Ch 2 (ABC)

WFRV, Green Bay, Ch 5 (CBS)

WLUK, Green Bay, Ch 11 (FOX)

NBC26, Green Bay, Ch 26 (NBC)

WTMJ, Milwaukee, Ch 4 (NBC)

WISN, Milwaukee, Ch12 (ABC)

WCUB, Manitowoc, 980 AM

WHBL, Sheboygan, 1330 AM

WJUB, Plymouth, 1420 AM
You can also check out our Facebook page for current information.
On days when our Worship service is cancelled, we still offer a live virtual Worship event.  You may access the service on Facebook or by clicking the YouTube link on our website.

Summary of Consistory Meeting on November 9, 2021

The meeting began with Devotions, Secretary minutes and Treasurer’s reports.
Karen presented a list of disbursements from the Benevolent fund to charitable and local organizations.
All reports approved.
The OCWM sent a letter requesting an increase of support from our church for 2022. It was approved and will be paid from the Benevolent fund.
The Search Team is nearly finished with the Profile which will be sent to the Conference for approval.
The Worship & Communion schedule for 2022-2023 was reviewed.
 Staff and Ministry Team reports:
Rev. Jim – Praised how hard the staff has been working. Great team effort
     Abundance – Continuing to write notes to members. Cancer walk was a lot of fun.
Hanging of the Greens is Nov. 28, 10-2 with a potluck lunch at noon.  All are welcome.
Sue would like to continue giving updates on new materials being added to the library.
     Benevolence – It was reported the funds raised from the Cherry tree will be put into the Benevolent Fund and disbursed from there.
Tammie is bringing back the hat & mitten drive for school children. Look for a display in the lounge.
     Building & Grounds – Paver purchasing is going well. A sample display should be coming soon.
Protocol for cancellations due to weather has been set up with local TV stations.
     Christian Education – It was asked if there is a Sunday School Christmas program. It was later learned that there will be during the church service on December 19.   “What’s in the Box?” will resume.
     Endowment – Report that monies transferred to the Lakeshore Fund is showing returns already.
     Human Resources – Discussion on the process of counting & recording offerings.
     Membership – Offering envelopes for the new year have arrived and will be available in the lounge.
     Memorial – The Team was not in favor of being in charge of providing floral arrangements for members’ funerals. The Consistory decided as a team to donate to and arrange for the funeral flowers.
     Mission – It was suggested to take clothing left from the rummage sale to send to Fort McCoy.
     Nominating – We are in need of 5 candidates for Consistory for next year.
The other ministry teams had nothing to report.
The next Consistory meeting is December 14, 2021 at 6:30pm.
The meeting ended with the Lord’s Prayer.


St. Peter’s consistory meet on June 8, 2021 and discussed reopening church with a Phase III approach and recommended the following:
  • St. Peter’s will be holding a 9:00 service only going forward starting on
 July 4, 2021 while we are blessed with Rev. James M. McKenzie as our Interim Minister, if you have questions, you are welcome to call Jim at any time. Consistory will decide if the church service day(s)/time(s) will change once a new settled pastor is at St. Peter’s.
  • All doors will be open for worship services.
  • Face masks will not be required but they will still be available for your use.
  • Please, please, wear your name tag when entering church, this will help Rev. Jim to know your name. 
  • All pews will be open for seating with cushions.
  • At this time, we will continue to have Rev. McKenzie light the altar candles.
  • The passing of peace will still be done with distancing in mind, a wave of the hand or a hello can be done by standing at your seat.
  • Hymnals, bibles, envelopes, papers and pencils will be placed back in the pews. We will be able to sing.
  • Offertory plates will be placed on pedestals at the rear of the sanctuary.  Ushers will not circulate offering plates.
  • Music during the summer shall be provided in various forms under the direction of the music committee. 
  • We will have an organist at our church service(s).
  • Communion will be held with the use of the wafer/juice containers, with the hope that in fall we will be back to normal pew/altar communion.
  • There will be no shaking of hands as you exit, instead a pleasant greeting of “having a great week” will be given.
  • If you need to cough or sneeze, be sure and cover your mouth with a tissue or cough into your arm.
  • Bulletins if used, shall be kept by each member as they exit the sanctuary, please take them home with you each Sunday.
  • The coat area will remain open to hang your coats.
  • If you are not feeling well or have symptoms please stay home and enjoy the virtual services.
  • If you or someone in your family contact COVID 19, please contact the church office if you have attended worship.
  • Once again, our main goal is to keep everyone safe, but allow members to attend church comfortably in person.

Reopening church with COVID 19 is a work in process, we will be adjusting any safety procedure(s) as needed.  All updates will be sent through media outlets and via mailings to keep everyone up to date.  
We Welcome You Back to our Phase III Worship!!  
Thank You,
St. Peter’s Consistory


2020 Annual Report 



We are LOVEGod's love. The love of Jesus Christ. The love of the Holy Spirit in our midst.
We aim to project God's loving kingdom to each other in our faith community.
But, we are also CHALLENGED by Christ to extend that love to all.
We are challenged to serve all!

We invite you to become part of the unique and welcoming experience
that is the faith community known as St. Peter's United Church of Christ.

Come to love and be loved. Come to serve.

The Rays of Hope Center

The Rays of Hope Center (ROHC) was officially "christened" in April of 2006 as the newest addition to St. Peter's United Church of Christ ministries. The one-time gas station and video store was purchased by St. Peter's in late 2005 after selling the church's parsonage. In it's naming, St. Peter's members honored their beloved, tenured pastor of 14 years, Ray Coombs. Rev. Coombs ministered faithfully, seeing to it that St. Peter's UCC be the "community's church." Under the care of St. Peter's Consistory and members, the ROHC seeks to sustain that community faithfulness by providing the community space as needed.

Currently the Rays of Hope Center houses the Kiel Area Community Food Pantry.